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Official membership and contestant application

For PRCA applications, Adobe Reader version 5 or higher is needed. All forms require a signature and must be sent by mail or fax (719) 548-4868 to the PRCA office, do not send these forms electronically. E-mail attachments are not be accepted.

2016 PRCA Membership Application Form - Signature required

2016 PRCA Membership Renewal Form - Annual membership renewal application for PRCA members. Signature required.

2016 PRCA Permit application - First phase in becoming a member of the PRCA. Signature and notarization required.
* Applicants must be 18, or the age of majority in the state of which they are a citizen.

2016 PRCA Contract Personnel Application/Renewal Form- Applicants must be at least 18 years old or older to qualify for membership. Application and dues must be received in the PRCA office three days prior to entry opening of a specific rodeo.

For first-time applicants

Many young rodeo cowboys feel they aren’t quite ready for professional competition, that they should compete only regionally until they know they are good enough to “head down the road” with professionals. Deciding to take the plunge is not an easy step. Perhaps you fall into this category. If so, consider the fact that the first years of a professional athlete’s career are usually the most important. That’s when habits — good and bad — are formed.

When you begin your rodeo career in the PRCA, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the top contestants in the sport. Whether they make their living in the rodeo arena or compete only on weekends at rodeos close to home, these cowboys must make wise decisions about how they enter and compete if they are going to be successful. ‘Permit’ members compete equally with other contestants

Anyone of legal age in his home state can apply for a PRCA permit, which allows him to enter many of the Association’s rodeos. Rodeos that accept permit entries treat permit-holders just as they would any other contestant. Because they draw so many full-time contestants, however, some large rodeos cannot accept entries from permit holders. All PRCA cowboys, including permit holders, enter rodeos through PROCOM, the Association’s computerized central entry system in Colorado Springs, Colo.

After entries for a particular rodeo have closed, the computer randomly forms a preference list that ensures each contestant an equal chance of competing on his preferred day. The computer also assigns roughstock, eliminating any chance of preferential treatment. A cowboy can also enter as a “buddy” of up to three other cowboys. Under the buddy system, as many as four cowboys may enter as a group and request to compete on the same day, allowing them to share rides and traveling expenses.

Another benefit of PRCA membership is the Association’s comprehensive accident insurance coverage, included in the annual permit and membership fees. Many cowboys injured in competition have discovered the importance of the PRCA’s strong insurance program.

For more information or questions about joining the PRCA, please call Member Records at (719) 528-4747 or e-mail [email protected] .